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Whiskey Victor

Listen to Whiskey Victor on the episode, “The Good Life: Featuring Crystal Good, WV Author, Entrepreneur, and Advocate

“Whiskey Victor is a harmonic baroque folk duo featuring handcrafted harmonies and unique instrumentation. They create a stripped-down baroque pop sound equally fitting for the most tranquil days and the stormiest nights.” (from whiskeyvictorband.com)

Anna-Kate sings and plays the guitar.

Shannon does everything else.



Hello June is a “female-fronted indie band with a penchant for down home rock ‘n roll.” Band members include Sarah Rudy, Whit Alexander, and Chad Brown.

Before I Sleep

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 12.40.09 PM
Before I Sleep is an all-girl pop punk band from Morgantown, W.Va. They are featured in episode one, “Illustrating West Virginia.”

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